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Hello! Thanks for checking out my store. My name is Reagan. I am a 24 year old student double majoring in Geology and Entrepreneurship. Since I was young, I've been collecting rocks and anything shiny I could find, which led me to my geology degree and passion for the natural world. When I turned 14, I went on my first dive in a muddy lake in south Missouri, and shortly after did a sailing/scuba camp, Sail Caribbean, and fell in love with diving. Since then, I've logged well over 1000 dives, became a Specialty Dive Instructor, and the Vice President of my university's Scuba Club. 


I started making pins as a pet project in January of 2019. There were many pins from video games that didn't exist but I wanted to add to my collection. After making video game centered pins for two years, I have switched gears to geology, ocean, and nature themed pins. Currently, I'm working on the Scuba Flag States, a project that will release soon! Additionally, many mineral pins are in the works. I can't wait to share the new designs with you!